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Monday, October 8, 2018

Muscles of Pharynx: Partially Opened Posterior View Anatomy

Muscles of Pharynx: Partially Opened Posterior View Anatomy
Styloid process, Digastric muscle (posterior belly), Stylohyoid muscle, Stylopharyngeus muscle, Accessory muscle bundle from petrous part of temporal bone (petropharyngeus muscle), Medial pterygoid muscle, Pharyngobasilar fascia, Pharyngeal raphe, Superior pharyngeal constrictor muscle, Hyoid bone (tip of greater horn)

Middle pharyngeal constrictor muscle, Epiglottis. Inferior pharyngeal constrictor muscle, Cuneiform tubercle, Corniculate tubercle, (Transverse and oblique) arytenoid muscles, Posterior cricoarytenoid muscle, Cricopharyngeus muscle (part of, inferior pharyngeal constrictor muscle), Longitudinal esophageal muscle, Basilar part of occipital bone Pharyngeal tubercle, Pharyngeal tonsil, Cartilaginous part of auditory tube (eustachian).

Pharyngobasilar fascia, Choana, Levator veli palatini muscle, Superior pharyngeal constrictor muscle, Salpingopharyngeus muscle, Musculus uvulae, Palatopharyngeus muscle, Middle pharyngeal constrictor muscle, Root of tongue, Stylopharyngeus muscle, Pharyngoepiglottic fold, Aryepiglottic fold, Inferior pharyngeal constrictor muscle (cut edge), Longitudinal pharyngeal muscles, Superior horn of thyroid cartilage, Thyrohyoid membrane, Internal branch of superior laryngeal nerve, Cricopharyngeal part of inferior pharyngeal constrictor muscle, Posterior border of thyroid cartilage lamina, Cricoid attachment of longitudinal esophageal muscle, Circular esophageal muscle.

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