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Monday, October 8, 2018

Pharynx: Medial View Anatomy

Pharynx: Medial View Anatomy
Sella turcica, Frontal sinus, Sphenoidal sinus, Nasal septum, Nasopharynx, Soft palate, Palatine glands, Hard palate, Oral cavity, Incisive canal, Palatine tonsil, Body of tongue, Oropharynx, Foramen cecum, Lingual tonsil, Genioglossus muscle, Root of tongue, Epiglottis, Mandible, Geniohyoid muscle, Hyoid bone, Hyoepiglottic ligament

Thyrohyoid membrane, Laryngopharynx, Thyroid cartilage, Vocal fold, Transverse arytenoid muscle, Cricoid cartilage, TracheaEsophagus, Esophageal muscles, Thyroid gland, Superficial layer of deep cervical fascia, Pretracheal fascia, Suprasternal space (of Burns), Manubrium of sternum. Pharyngeal opening of auditory tube (eustachian) Sphenooccipital synchondrosis, Pharyngeal tonsil, Pharyngeal tubercle of occipital bone, Pharyngeal raphe, Anterior longitudinal ligament, Anterior atlantooccipital membrane, Apical ligament of dens, Pharyngeal constrictor muscles, Buccopharyngeal fascia, Retropharyngeal space. Prevertebral fascia and anterior longitudinal ligament, Anterior arch of atlas (C1 vertebra), Dens of axis (C2 vertebra).

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