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Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Muscles of Back: Intermediate Layer Anatomy

Muscles of Back: Intermediate Layer Anatomy
Iliocostalis muscle, Longissimus muscle, Spinalis muscle, Serratus posterior superior muscle, Splenius capitis and splenius cervicis muscles, Superior nuchal line of skull, Posterior tubercle of atlas (C1), Longissimus capitis muscle, Semispinalis capitis muscle, Serratus posterior inferior muscle, Tendon of origin of transversus abdominis muscle, Internal abdominal oblique muscle, External abdominal oblique muscle (cut), Iliac crest

Muscles of Back: Intermediate Layer Anatomy

Thoracolumbar fascia (posterior layer) (cut), Transversus abdominis muscle and tendon of origin, Spinous process of T12 vertebra, Iliocostalis lumborum muscle, Longissimus thoracis muscle, Spinalis thoracis muscle, Iliocostalis thoracis muscle, Hook, Iliocostalis cervicis muscle, Longissimus cervicis muscle, Spinous process of C7 vertebra, Spinalis cervicis muscle, Semispinalis capitis muscle (cut), Longissimus capitis muscle, Obliquus capitis inferior muscle, Rectus capitis posterior major muscle, Obliquus capitis superior muscle, Rectus capitis posterior minor muscle.

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