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Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Surfaces and Bed of Liver Anatomy

Surfaces and Bed of Liver Anatomy
Respiratory diaphragm (pulled up), Coronary ligament, Right triangular ligament, Right lobe of liver, Costal impressions, Gallbladder (fundus), Left triangular ligament, Fibrous appendix of liver, Left lobe of liver, Falciform ligament, Round ligament (ligamentum teres) of liver (obliterated left umbilical vein) forming free border of falciform ligament, Anterior view, Coronary, Hepatic veins ligament, Inferior vena cava, Bare area, Suprarenal impression

Hepatorenal portion of coronary ligament, Right triangular ligament (Common) bile duct, Common hepatic duct, Cystic duct, Renal impression, Duodenal impression, Quadrate lobe, Gallbladder, Round ligament of liver, Colic impression, Left triangular ligament, Falciform ligament, Left triangular ligament, Gastric impression, Esophageal impression, Fissure for ligamentum venosum, Caudate lobe, Caudate process, Proper hepatic artery, Hepatic portal vein, Fissure for ligamentum teres, Porta hepatis, Visceral surface, Coronary ligament, Bare area, Inferior vena cava, Suprarenal gland, Right kidney, Right triangular ligament, Superior recess of omental bursa, Duodenum, Left triangular ligament, Fissure for ligamentum venosum, Groove for (inferior) vena cava, Posterior view, Stomach, Bed of liver.

Surfaces and Bed of Liver Anatomy

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