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Thursday, December 6, 2018

Arteries of Large Intestine Anatomy

Arteries of Large Intestine Anatomy
Middle colic artery, Straight arteries (arteriae rectae), Transverse mesocolon, Marginal artery, Superior mesenteric artery, Jejunal and ileal (intestinal) arteries, Marginal artery, Inferior mesenteric artery, Left colic artery, Ascending branch, Descending branch,

Arteries of Large Intestine Anatomy

Marginal artery, Sigmoid arteries, Sigmoid mesocolon (Common portion), Posterior, Anterior, Marginal artery, Right colic artery, Ileocolic artery, Colic branch, Ileal branch, Marginal artery, Anterior cecal artery, Posterior cecal artery, Appendicular artery, Internal iliac artery, Middle rectal artery, Branch of superior rectal artery, Superior rectal artery, Inferior rectal artery, Inferior pancreaticoduodenal arteries, Median sacral artery (from abdominal aorta), Straight arteries (arteriae rectae)

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