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Sunday, March 31, 2019

External Ear and Tympanic Cavity Anatomy

External Ear and Tympanic Cavity Anatomy
Crura of antihelix, Auricular tubercle (of Darwin), Antihelix, Concha of auricle, Lobule of auricle, Right auricle (pinna), Triangular fossa Crux of helix, External acoustic meatus, Tragus, Antitragus, Lateral process of malleus, Posterior mallear fold, Pars flaccida, Anterior mallear fold, Pars tensa, Handle of malleus, Umbo, Cone of light, Otoscopic view of right tympanic membrane, Tegmen tympani, Dura mater, Head of malleus, Tympanic cavity, Auditory tube (eustachian), External acoustic meatus, Coronal oblique section of external acoustic meatus and middle ear (tympanic cavity),

Right tympanic cavity after removal of tympanic membrane (lateral view), Lesser petrosal nerve, Tympanic plexus on promontory, Handle of malleus, Tendon of tensor tympani muscle, Lateral process of malleus, Prominence of facial canal, Long limb of incus, Chorda tympani, Malleus Incus, Lenticular process of incus, Stapes, Ossicles articulated: medial view, Intertragic notch, Scaphoid fossa, Long limb of incus, Pyramidal eminence and tendon of stapedius muscle, Stapes, Tympanic nerve, Fossa of cochlear window, Long limb of incus, Footplate of stapes, Handle of malleus, Tympanic plexus on promontory, Tensor tympani muscle, Tensor veli palatini muscle, Epitympanic recess, Superior ligament of malleus, Short limb of incus, Chorda tympani (cut), Anterior ligment of malleus (cut), Tympanic membrane.

External Ear and Tympanic Cavity Anatomy

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