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Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Vascular Supply of Eye Anatomy

Vascular Supply of Eye Anatomy
Tendon of superior rectus muscle, Veins draining scleral venous sinus (into anterior ciliary veins), Meningeal sheath of optic nerve, Short posterior ciliary arteries, Scleral venous sinus (canal of Schlemm), Inferior ophthalmic vein, Recurrent branch of anterior ciliary artery, Minor arterial circle of iris, Arteries and veins of iris, Muscular artery, Anterior ciliary arteries

Vorticose vein, Short posterior ciliary arteries, Long posterior ciliary artery, Segment of episcleral vein* Posterior tributaries of a vorticose vein, Vessels of internal sheath of optic nerve, Short posterior ciliary arteries, Central retinal artery and vein, Conjunctiva and cornea, Major arterial circle of iris, Anterior ciliary veins, Posterior conjunctival artery and vein, Sclera Vascular arrangements within the choroid (vascular tunic) of the eyeball, Anterior ciliary veins, Nonpigmented and pigmented regions of the retina
Vascular Supply of Eye Anatomy

*The episcleral veins are shown here anastomosing with the vorticose veins, which they do; however, they also drain into the anterior ciliary veins. Bulb of vorticose vein, Superior ophthalmic vein, Junctions of suprachoroidal tributaries forming vorticose vein, Episcleral vein*, Anterior tributaries of vorticose vein.

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