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Sunday, March 17, 2019

Gas Exchange Anatomy

Gas Exchange Anatomy
Chest expands, Alveolar pressure becomes less than airway opening, Alveolar pressure greater than at airway opening, Intercostal muscles contract, Intercostal muscles relax, Alveolar capillary, Alveolus, Alveolus (air space), Capillary lumen, Capillary plexus, Alveoli, Pulmonary veins (to heart), Pulmonary artery (from heart)

Red blood cells, Chest contracts, Elastic recoil of chest wall and lungs, Air flows into lungs, Air flows out of lungs, During inhalation, During exhalation, Endothelial cell and nucleus, Endothelial (loose) cell junctions, Fused basement membranes, Interstitium, Type I alveolar cell and nucleus, Tight cell junctions, Type II alveolar cell, Lamellar bodies, Surface-active layer (surfactant), Alveolar macrophage.

Gas Exchange Anatomy

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