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Friday, April 19, 2019

Meningeal Arteries Anatomy

Meningeal Arteries Anatomy
Frontal (anterior) and parietal (posterior) branches of middle meningeal artery, Anterior and posterior meningeal branches of vertebral artery, Meningeal branches of ascending pharyngeal artery, Recurrent meningeal branch of lacrimal artery, Anterior meningeal branch of anterior ethmoidal artery, Internal carotid artery and its meningohypophyseal trunk (phantom),

Mastoid branch of occipital artery, Internal carotid artery (cavernous segment), Tentorial, inferior, cavernous, and dorsal meningeal branches of meningohypophyseal trunk, Middle meningeal artery, Superficial temporal artery, Mastoid branch of occipital artery, Arachnoid granulations, Opening of superior cerebral vein, Lateral (venous) lacuna (of Trolard), Superior sagittal sinus, Dura mater, Anterior meningeal branch of anterior ethmoidal artery, Middle meningeal artery, Middle meningeal artery, Accessory meningeal artery, Posterior ethmoidal artery, Accessory meningeal artery, Maxillary artery, Posterior auricular artery, Occipital artery, External carotid artery.

Meningeal Arteries Anatomy

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