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Sunday, April 14, 2019

Ureters in Abdomen and Pelvis Anatomy

Ureters in Abdomen and Pelvis Anatomy
Right kidney, Duodenum, Superior mesenteric artery, Right colic artery, Right ureter, Ileocolic artery, Testicular vessels, Common iliac artery, Internal iliac artery, External iliac artery, Middle rectal artery, Left kidney, Left ureter, Inferior mesenteric artery, Left colic artery, Sigmoid arteries, Superior rectal artery (cut), Genitofemoral nerve, Inferior vesical artery,

Ductus deferens, Urinary bladder, Urinary bladder, Medial umbilical, ligament (fibrous part of umbilical artery), Round ligament of uterus, Superior vesical artery, Uterine artery, Ureter, Obturator artery and nerve, Vaginal artery and inferior vesical branch, External iliac artery, Ovarian vessels (cut), Internal iliac artery, Common iliac artery, Root of mesentery, Broad ligament, Ureter, Uterosacral fold, Ureter (retroperitoneal), Intersigmoid recess, Sigmoid mesocolon, Diagonal course of ureter through bladder wall, Ureters in female: superior view, Ureters in male: anterior view, Umbilical artery Ovary, Bladder mucosa.
Ureters in Abdomen and Pelvis Anatomy

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