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Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Arteries of Posterior Cranial Fossa Anatomy

Arteries of Posterior Cranial Fossa Anatomy
Thalamogeniculate arteries, Anterior choroidal artery, Columns of fornix, Anterolateral central (lenticulostriate) arteries, Heads of caudate nuclei, Septum pellucidum, Corpus callosum, Anterior cerebral arteries, Longitudinal cerebral fissure, Lateral and medial geniculate bodies of left thalamus, Choroid plexuses of lateral ventricles, Left and right pulvinar, Splenium of corpus callosum, Occipital (posterior) horn of right lateral ventricle, Right dorsal branch to corpus callosum (posterior pericallosal artery), Parietooccipital, Calcarine, 

Branches of right posterior cerebral artery, Optic nerve (CN II), Ophthalmic artery, Thalamoperforating arteries, Anterior cerebral artery, Middle cerebral artery, Posterior communicating artery, Left internal carotid artery, Basilar artery, Pontine arteries, Labyrinthine artery, Posterior cerebral artery, Superior cerebellar artery, Anterior meningeal branch of vertebral artery, Anterior inferior cerebellar artery (AICA), Temporal branches of posterior cerebral artery, Anterior spinal artery, Superior colliculi, Posterior medial choroidal artery to choroid plexus of 3rd ventricle, Posterior lateral choroidal artery, Lateral (marginal) branch, Inferior vermian artery (phantom), Choroidal branch to 4th ventricle (phantom) and, Cerebellar tonsillar branch of posterior inferior cerebellar artery, Outline of 4th ventricle (broken line), Posterior meningeal branch of vertebral artery, Posterior inferior cerebellar artery (PICA), Left posterior spinal artery, Left vertebral artery
Arteries of Posterior Cranial Fossa Anatomy

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