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Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Coxal Bone Anatomy

Coxal Bone Anatomy
Intermediate zone, Tuberculum, Outer lip, Ala of ilium (gluteal surface), Anterior superior iliac spine, Anterior inferior iliac spine, Lateral view, Medial view, Gluteal lines Anterior, Inferior, Posterior, Posterior superior iliac spine, Posterior inferior iliac spine, Greater sciatic notch, Body of ilium, Ischial spine, Lesser sciatic notch, Body of ischium, Ischial tuberosity, Ramus of ischium, Obturator foramen, Acetabulum, Lunate surface, 

Coxal Bone Anatomy
Acetabular notch, Acetabular margin, Superior pubic ramus, Pubic tubercle, Obturator crest, Inferior pubic ramus, Anterior superior iliac spine, Ala of ilium (iliac fossa), Anterior inferior iliac spine, Arcuate line, Iliopubic eminence, Superior pubic ramus, Pecten pubis, Pubic tubercle, Symphyseal surface, Obturator groove, Obturator foramen, Inferior pubic ramus, Ilium, Ischium, Pubis, Ramus of ischium, Ischial tuberosity, Body of ischium, Lesser sciatic notch, Body of ilium, Ischial spine, Greater sciatic notch, Posterior inferior iliac spine, Auricular surface (for sacrum), Posterior superior iliac spine, Iliac tuberosity, Intermediate zone, Inner lip Iliac crest.

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