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Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Hip Joint Anatomy

Hip Joint Anatomy
Anterior superior iliac spine, Anterior inferior iliac spine, Greater trochanter Iliofemoral ligament (Y ligament of Bigelow), Iliopectineal bursa (over gap in ligaments), Pubofemoral ligament, Superior pubic ramus, Inferior pubic ramus, Iliofemoral ligament, Ischiofemoral ligament, Zona orbicularis, Greater trochanter, Protrusion of synovial membrane, Intertrochanteric crest, Lesser trochanter, Anterior superior iliac spine, 

Anterior inferior iliac spine, Iliopubic eminence, Acetabular labrum (fibrocartilaginous), Fat in acetabular fossa (covered by synovial membrane), Obturator artery, Anterior branch, Posterior branch, Acetabular branch, Obturator membrane, Transverse acetabular ligament, Lesser trochanter, Ligament of Ischial tuberosity head of femur (cut), Intertrochanteric line, Neck of femur, Head of femur, Greater trochanter, Articular cartilage, Lunate (articular) surface of acetabulum, Joint opened: lateral view, Intertrochanteric line, Lesser trochanter, Ischial spine, Ischial tuberosity.
Hip Joint

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