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Thursday, June 13, 2019

Pelvic Diaphragm: Male

Pelvic Diaphragm: Male
Pubic symphysis (viscera removed), Pubic crest, Pubic tubercle, Pecten pubis, Superior ramus of pubis, Obturator canal, Obturator fascia, Iliopubic eminence, Acetabular margin, Anterior inferior iliac spine, Ala of ilium, Arcuate line, Transverse perineal ligament (anterior thickening of Perineal membrane), Ischial spine, Sacroiliac joint, Sacrum, Sacral canal Anorectal hiatus, Anterior sacrococcygeal ligament, Anterior sacral (pelvic) foramina, Piriformis muscle, Inferior (arcuate) pubic ligament, Hiatus for deep dorsal vein of penis, Hiatus for urethra, Muscle fibers from levator ani to conjoined longitudinal muscle of anal canal, Puboanalis (puborectalis), Pubococcygeus, Iliococcygeus, Levator ani muscle, Tendinous arch of, levator ani muscle, Obturator internus muscle, Coccygeus muscle

Deep dorsal veins of penis, Fat in retropubic (prevesical) space, Sphincter urethrae muscle ascending anterior aspect of prostate gland, Urethra, Rectoprostatic (Denonvilliers’) fascia, Medial border (pillar) of levator ani muscle, Perineal membrane (cut away), Ischiopubic ramus, Pubic symphysis, Inferior pubic (arcuate) ligament, Pubic tubercle, Fibromuscular extensions of levator ani muscle to prostate gland, Rectourethralis superior muscle, Prerectal muscle fibers (of Luschka) from levator ani muscle, Muscle fibers from levator ani to conjoined longitudinal muscle of anal canal, Obturator internus tendon, Ischial tuberosity, Sacrotuberous ligament (cut), Sacrospinous ligament (cut), Sacrospinous ligament (cut), Sacrotuberous ligament (cut), Tip of coccyx, Gluteus maximus muscle, Obturator internus muscle, Tendinous arch of levator ani muscle, Iliococcygeus, Pubococcygeus, Puboanalis (puborectalis), Levator ani muscle, Circular muscle layer of anorectal junction, Conjoined longitudinal muscle, Perineal body, Coccygeus muscle
Pelvic Diaphragm: Male

Proper ovarian ligament (ligament of ovary), Ovary, Uterine (fallopian) tube, Round ligament of uterus, Broad ligament, Femoral ring, Deep inguinal ring, Iliopubic tract (covered by peritoneum), External iliac vessels, Iliac fossa (greater pelvis), Left paracolic gutter, Superior view Uterus (fundus) Urinary bladder and transverse vesical fold, Rectus abdominis muscle, Inferior epigastric vessels and, lateral umbilical fold, Ureteric fold, Suspensory ligament of ovary (contains ovarian vessels), Cecum, Cecal folds, Linea alba, Median umbilical fold and ligament (urachus), Sigmoid colon, Psoas major and minor muscles, Sympathetic trunk, Anterior, longitudinal ligament, Body of L3 vertebra, Quadratus, lumborum muscle, Descending colon, Transversus abdominis, Internal oblique, External oblique, Abdominal muscles, Ovarian vessels, Inferior vena cava, Pararectal fossa, Abdominal aorta, Superior hypogastric plexus Root of mesentery, Ureter, Ascending colon, Parietal peritoneum.
Pelvic Diaphragm: Male

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