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Thursday, August 8, 2019

Knee: Anterior Views Anatomy

Knee: Anterior Views Anatomy
Right knee in extension, Vastus intermedius muscle, Vastus lateralis muscle lliotibial tract, Lateral patellar retinaculum, Lateral epicondyle of femur, Fibular collateral ligament and bursa, Biceps femoris tendon and its inferior subtendinous bursa, Dashed oval indicates bursa deep to iliotibial tract, Insertion of iliotibial tract to Gerdy’s tubercle and oblique line of tibia, Common fibular nerve, Head of fibula, Fibularis longus muscle, Extensor digitorum longus muscle, Tibialis anterior muscle, Femur, Articularis genus muscle, Vastus medialis muscle, 

Rectus femoris tendon becoming, Quadriceps femoris tendon, Patella, Medial epicondyle of femur, Medial patellar retinaculum, Tibial collateral ligament, Semitendinosus, Gracilis, and Sartorius tendons, Anserine bursa, Medial condyle of tibia, Patellar ligament, Tibial tuberosity, Gastrocnemius muscle, Joint opened, knee slightly in flexion, Femur, Articularis genus muscle, Synovial membrane (cut edge), Lateral condyle of femur, Origin of popliteus tendon (covered by synovial membrane), Subpopliteal recess, Lateral meniscus, Fibular collateral ligament, Head of fibula, Patella (articular surface on posterior aspect), Vastus lateralis muscle (reflected inferiorly), Suprapatellar (synovial) bursa, Cruciate ligaments (covered by synovial membrane), Medial condyle of femur, Infrapatellar synovial fold, Medial meniscus, Alar folds (cut), Infrapatellar fat pads (lined by synovial membrane), Suprapatellar (synovial) bursa (roof reflected), Vastus medialis muscle (reflected inferiorly), Pes anserinus.
Knee: Anterior Views Anatomy

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