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Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Pelvic Contents: Male Anatomy

Pelvic Contents: Male Anatomy
Seminal vesicle (subperitoneal), Ductus (vas) deferens (in peritoneal fold), Linea terminalis of pelvis, Femoral ring, Pubic branch of inferior epigastric artery (obturator anastomotic), Deep inguinal ring, External iliac vessels, Testicular vessels (in peritoneal fold), Transversalis fascia, Parietal peritoneum, Left paracolic gutter, Rectum Urinary bladder and transverse vesical fold, Medial umbilical fold and ligament (fibrous part of umbilical artery),

Rectus abdominis muscle, Rectovesical pouch, Inferior epigastric vessels and lateral umbilical fold, Vesicosacral (sacrogenital) fold, Pararectal fossa, Ureteric fold, Iliopubic tract (extraperitoneal), Cecum, Cecal folds, Linea alba, Median umbilical fold and ligament (urachus), Sigmoid colon, Psoas minor and major muscles, Sympathetic trunk, Anterior longitudinal ligament, Body of L3 vertebra, Quadratus lumborum muscle, Descending colon, Transversus abdominis, Internal oblique, External oblique, Abdominal muscles, Testicular vessels, Inferior vena cava, Sacral promontory, Abdominal aorta, Superior hypogastric plexus Root of mesentery, Ureter, Terminal ileum, Ascending colon, Right paracolic gutter, Superior view
Pelvic Contents: Male Anatomy

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