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Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Arteries and Veins of Perineum: Male Anatomy

Arteries and Veins of Perineum: Male Anatomy
Dartos fascia of scrotum, Septum of scrotum, Posterior scrotal arteries, Deep (Buck’s) fascia of penis, Superficial perineal (Colles’) fascia (cut edge), Superficial perineal space (opened), Perineal artery and vein, Internal pudendal artery passes superior to perineal membrane, Superficial transverse perineal muscle and transverse perineal artery (cut and reflected), Internal pudendal vessels and pudendal nerve (cut) in pudendal canal (Alcock’s) (opened up), 

Inferior fascia of pelvic diaphragm (roof of ischioanal fossa), Inferior rectal artery, Deep artery of penis, Deep dorsal vein of penis, Dorsal artery and nerve of penis, Perineal membrane (cut edge), Deep artery of penis, Urethral artery, Dorsal artery of penis, Artery of bulb of penis, Transverse perineal ligament (anterior thickening of perineal membrane), Internal pudendal artery, Perineal artery (cut), Internal pudendal vessels in pudendal canal (Alcock’s), Superficial perineal (Colles’) fascia (cut edge)
Note: Deep perineal (investing or Gallaudet’s) fascia removed from muscles of superficial perineal space
Pudendal canal (Alcock’s), Superficial perineal (Colles’) fascia (cut edge), Transverse perineal artery, Superficial transverse perineal muscle, Ischiocavernosus muscle, Perineal membrane, Bulbospongiosus muscle, External spermatic fascia over testis and spermatic cord, Perineal body.
Arteries and Veins of Perineum: Male Anatomy

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