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Sunday, May 30, 2021

Obturator Nerve Anatomy

Obturator Nerve Anatomy

Obturator Nerve Anatomy
Iliohypogastric nerve, Ilioinguinal nerve, Genitofemoral nerve, Lateral femoral cutaneous nerve, Femoral nerve, Obturator nerve (L2, 3, 4), Posterior branch, Articular branch, Anterior branch, Posterior branch, Cutaneous branch, Articular branch, 

Adductor hiatus, Note: Only muscles innervated by obturator nerve shown, Cutaneous innervation, Anterior rami forming lumbar plexus, Lumbosacral trunk L1, Obturator externus muscle, Adductor brevis muscle, Adductor longus muscle (cut), Adductor magnus muscle (ischiocondylar, or “hamstrings,” part supplied by sciatic [tibial] nerve), Gracilis muscle.

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