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Sunday, September 13, 2020

Lumbar Vertebrae Anatomy

Lumbar Vertebrae Anatomy,

Vertebral body, Lumbar vertebrae lateral view, Vertebral body of LI, Spinous process, lntervertebral disc, Zygapophysial joint, Vertebral body of LV, Spinous process, Lumbar region of vertebral column. T1 -weighted MR irnage in sagittal plane, Spinal nerve, Vertebral body of LI, Pedicle, lntervertebral foramen, lntervertebral disc space, lntervertebral foramen, Inferior articular process, Superior articular process, lntervertebral disc, Vertebral body of LV, lntervertebral fora min a of lumbar region of vertebral column. Tl -weighted MR irnage in sagittal plane, Lumbar region of vertebral column. Radiograph, lateral view

Spinous process, LIV vertebra superior view, Spinous process, LIV vertebra posterior view, Articulation of lumbar vertebrae. Tl-weighted MR image in axial plane, Superior articular facet, Inferior articular process, Zygapophysial joint

Superior vertebral notch Superior articular process, Inferior vertebral notch, Inferior articular facet, LIV vertebra lateral view, Body, Superior articular process, Mammillary process, Pars interarticularis, Inferior articular process, Superior articular facet, Spinous process, LIV vertebra oblique view, Lumbar region of vertebral column ("Scottie dog"). Radiograph, oblique view, Transverse process, Superior articular process, Spinous process, Inferior articular process.

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