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Sunday, September 13, 2020

Thoracic Vertebrae Anatomy

Thoracic Vertebrae Anatomy,

Vertebral body of Tl, lntervertebral foramen, lntervertebral disc, lntervertebral disc, Spinous process, Vertebral body of TIX (with compression fracture), Vertebral body of TXII, Thoracic vertebrae lateral view, Demifacet for articulation with head of rib Ill, Transverse process, Body, Spinous process, TIii vertebra superior view, Thoracic region of vertebral column. T2-weighted MR image in sagittal plane (compression fracture TIX), Superior articular process, Superior vertebral notch, Demifacet for articulation with head of rib Ill \ Body, Pedicle, Inferior vertebral notch, Facet for articulation with tubercle of rib Ill, Superior articular facet, Facet for articulation, with tubercle of rib Ill, Inferior articular process, TIii vertebra lateral view.


Vertebral body ofTI, Vertebral body ofTV, Spinous process, Superior articular facet, Lamina, Spin ous process, TIii vertebra posterior view, Vertebral body, Trans verse process, Spinous process, Thoracic aorta, Head of rib, Tubercle of rib, Thoracic vertebra with rib articulations. CT image in axial plane, Superior articular process, Superior vertebral note, Costa! Facet, Inferior vertebral notch, Superior articular facet, Spinous process, Inferior articular process, TXII vertebra lateral view.

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