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Sunday, September 13, 2020

Cervical Vertebrae Anatomy

Cervical Vertebrae Anatomy,

Anterior tubercle of Cl (atlas), Posteriortubercle of Cl (atlas), Lateral atlanto-axial joint, lntervertebral disc, CIII, Dens of CII (axis), Body of CII (axis), Posterior  tubercle of Cl (atlas), Spinous process of CII (axis), Spinal cord, Column of articular processes, lntervertebral foramen (carotid tubercle), Foramen transversarium, Cervical vertebrae lateral view, Cervical region of vertebral column. Radiograph, AP view, Vertebra, Vertebral body ofCVII, Cervical region of vertebral column. Tl-weighted MR image In the sagittal plane, Vertebra prominens (spi nous process of CVII) Anterior tubercle of Cl (atlas), Spinous process ofCIII, Vertebral body of CII (axis)-i lntervertebral disc space, Vertebra prominens, Rib I, Vertebral body of CVII, Cervical region of vertebral column. Radiograph, lateral view prominens (spinous process of CVII), Posterior tubercle of Cl (atlas) Spinous process of CII (axis), Vertebra prominens (spinous process of CVII).

Anterior tubercle, Superior articular facet, Articular facet for dens, Tubercles for attachment of, Anterior arch, Groove for vertebral artery, Vertebral foramen, Transverse process, Posterior arch, Lateral mass, Anterior tubercle, Foramen transversarium, Inferior articular process, Posterior tubercle, Cl vertebra (atlas) superior view, Anterior articular facet, Cl vertebra (atlas) anterior view, Dens (odontoid process), Groove on posteriorsurface of dens for transverse ligament of atlas, Transverse process, CII vertebra (axis) superior view, Body Pedicle, Anterior tubercle, Posterior tubercle, Groove for spinal nerve, Superior articular facet mina, Spinous process, CV vertebra superior view, Uncinate process, CIV /CV vertebrae anterior view, lnterarticular part, Inferior articular facet, Body, CII vertebra (axis) anterior view, Body Uncinate process, Inferior articular facet, Spinous process (bifid), CV vertebra anterior view, Body of vertebra, Joint capsule, Uncinate process, Uncovertebral joint

Anterior, Transverse process of Cl (atlas), Foramen transversarium, Posterior tubercle of Cl (atlas) Posterior, Anterior arch of Cl (atlas), Dens ofCII (axis), lntervertebral disc space, Anterior, Foramen transversarium, Vertebral foramen, Lamina, Posterior, Anterior tubercle of Cl (atlas], Median atlanto-axial joint Dens of CII (axis), Transverse ligament of atlas Posterior arch of Cl (atlas), First cervical vertebra (atlas). CT image in axial plane, Posterior arch of Cl (atlas), Spinous process of CII (axis), Cervical vertebrae CI-CIII. Radiograph, lateral view Vertebral body, Anterior tubercle Posterior tubercle, Spinous process, Typical cervical vertebra. CT image in axial plane.

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