Regional vertebrae Anatomy - pediagenosis
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Sunday, September 13, 2020

Regional vertebrae Anatomy

 Regional vertebrae Anatomy,

Vertebral foramen, Superior articular process, CV vertebra, Vertebral body, TV vertebra, Vertebral foramen, Vertebral body, LIii vertebra, Inferior articular process, Foramen transversarium, Transverse process, Facet for articulation, with tubercle of rib V, Inferior articular process, Spinous process, Demifacet for articulation with head of rib V, 7 cervical vertebrae m(CI-CVII), 12 thoracic vertebrae (TI-TXII), 5 lumbar vertebrae (ll-LV), Sacrum (5 fused sacral vertebrae 1-V) Coccyx (3-4 fused coccygeal vertebrae I-IV).

Regional vertebrae Anatomy
 Regional vertebrae Anatomy

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