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Saturday, October 13, 2018

Innervation of Heart: Schema Anatomy

Innervation of Heart: Schema Anatomy
Superior cervical ganglion, Superior cervical (sympathetic) cardiac nerve, Middle cervical ganglion, Middle cervical (sympathetic) cardiac nerve, Vertebral ganglion (variation), Ansa subclavian, Cervicothoracic (stellate) ganglion 1st intercostal nerve, Inferior cervical cardiac nerve, Thoracic cardiac branch of vagus nerve (CN X) 2nd thoracic ganglion, White ramus communicans.

Gray ramus communicans, Thoracic (sympathetic) cardiac branches 4th thoracic sympathetic ganglion, Posterior nucleus of vagus nerve (CN X) Nuclei of solitary tract, Medulla oblongata, Vagus nerves (CN X), Superior cervical (vagal) cardiac branches Inferior cervical (vagal) cardiac branches, Ascending connections Cardiac plexus.

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