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Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Ileocecal Region Anatomy

Ileocecal Region Anatomy
Ileocolic artery, Colic branch, Ileal branch, Superior mesenteric artery, Posterior cecal artery, Appendicular artery, Anterior cecal artery, Vascular fold of cecum, Superior ileocecal recess, Ileocecal fold (bloodless fold of Treves),

Terminal part of ileum, Inferior ileocecal recess, Mesoappendix, Appendicular artery, Free taenia, External iliac vessels (retroperitoneal), Retrocecal recess, Cecal folds, Right paracolic gutter, Appendicular artery, Omental taenia Mesocolic taenia, Haustra, Posterior cecal artery, Cecal folds, Retrocecal recess, Cecum, Haustra, Vermiform appendix.

Ileocecal Region Anatomy

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