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Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Nerves of Back Anatomy

Nerves of Back Anatomy
Accessory nerve (CN XI), Trapezius muscle (reflected), Levator scapulae muscle, Superficial branch of transverse cervical artery, Supraspinatus muscle, Spine of scapula, Infraspinatus fascia, Rhomboid minor muscle, Rhomboid major muscle, Spinous process of, T12 vertebra, Gluteus maximus muscle, Latissimus dorsi muscle, Thoracolumbar fascia, Iliac crest, External abdominal oblique muscle, Superior lateral brachial cutaneous nerve (from axillary nerve C5, 6), Infraspinatus fascia, Lesser occipital nerve, Great auricular nerve

Trapezius muscle, Inferior clunial nerves from posterior femoral cutaneous nerve (sacral plexus S1, 2, 3), Iliohypogastric nerve (anterior rami of T12–L1 spinal nerves), Lateral cutaneous branches of anterior rami (intercostal nerves), Posterior cutaneous branches (from lateral branches of posterior rami of T7–12 spinal nerves), Teres minor and major muscles, Posterior cutaneous branches (from medial branches of posterior rami of C4–T6 spinal nerves; C7, 8 are minimal), Cervical plexus (anterior rami of C2, 3 spinal nerves) 3rd occipital nerve (posterior ramus of C3 spinal nerve), Greater occipital nerve (posterior ramus of C2 spinal nerve), Deltoid muscle, Superior clunial nerves (posterior rami of L1, 2, 3 spinal nerves), Middle clunial nerves (posterior rami of S1, 2, 3 spinal nerves).

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