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Saturday, November 3, 2018

Nerves of Esophagus Anatomy

Nerves of Esophagus Anatomy
Anterior view, Esophagus, Recurrent laryngeal nerves, Right recurrent laryngeal nerve, Ansa subclavian, 3rd intercostal nerve, Gray and white rami communicantes, 3rd thoracic ganglion, Sympathetic trunk, Right greater thoracic splanchnic nerve, Sympathetic fibers along left inferior phrenic artery, Branch of posterior vagal trunk to celiac plexus, Greater thoracic splanchnic nerves, Sympathetic fibers along esophageal branch of left gastric artery, Celiac plexus and ganglia, Superior ganglion of vagus nerve, Superior cervical ganglion, Inferior ganglion of vagus nerve, Pharyngeal branch of vagus nerve, Vagus nerve (CN X), Superior laryngeal nerve, Cervical sympathetic trunk, Middle cervical ganglion, Cervical (sympathetic and vagal) cardiac nerves, Cardiac plexus, Vertebral ganglion, Ansa subclavian, Branch to esophagus and recurrent nerve from stellate ganglion, Cervicothoracic (stellate) ganglion.

Nerves of Esophagus Anatomy

Left recurrent laryngeal nerve, Thoracic (vagal and sympathetic) cardiac branches, Pulmonary plexuses, Esophageal plexus (anterior portion), Branches to esophageal plexus from sympathetic trunk, greater thoracic splanchnic nerve, and thoracic aortic plexus, Left greater thoracic splanchnic nerve, Vagal branch to hepatic plexus via lesser omentum, Anterior nerve of lesser curvature (CN X), Vagal branch to fundus and body of stomach, Anterior vagal trunk (CN X), Posterior view, Esophageal plexus (posterior portion), Posterior vagal trunk (CN X), Right vagus nerve (CN X), Vagal branch to celiac plexus, Vagal branch to fundus and cardiac part of stomach, Posterior nerve of lesser curvature (CN X).

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