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Monday, September 9, 2019

Uterus and Adnexa Anatomy

Uterus and Adnexa Anatomy
Suspensory ligament of ovary, Vesicular appendix (hydatid of Morgagni), Posterior view, Mesosalpinx (of broad ligament), Proper ovarian ligament (ligament of ovary), Fundus of uterus, Isthmus Ampulla, Fimbriae, Abdominal ostium, Suspensory ligament of ovary, Ovary, Mesovarium (of broad ligament), Proper ovarian ligament (ligament of ovary), 

Uterine (fallopian) tube, Corpus luteum, Ovary, Body of uterus, Mesometrium (of broad ligament), Ureter, Uterosacral ligament, Rectouterine pouch (of Douglas), Uterine ostium, Fundus of uterus, Body of uterus Uterine part, Isthmus, Ampulla, Infundibulum, Folds of uterine tube, Fimbriae, Suspensory ligament of ovary (contains ovarian vessels), Vesicular appendix (hydatid of Morgagni), Epoöphoron, Follicle (graafian), Corpus albicans, Corpus luteum, Proper ovarian ligament (ligament of ovary), Endometrium, Myometrium, Mesometrium (of broad ligament), Uterine vessels, Cardinal (Mackenrodt’s) ligament, Cervical canal with palmate folds, Vaginal fornix, Vagina, Frontal section, Isthmus of uterus, Internal os, Cervix of uterus, External os of ovary, Uterine (fallopian) tube, Infundibulum.
Gray's Anatomy: The Anatomical Basis of Clinical Practice

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