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Sunday, May 30, 2021

Nerves of Pelvic Viscera: Female Anatomy

Nerves of Pelvic Viscera: Female Anatomy
Nerves of Pelvic Viscera: Female Anatomy

Sympathetic trunk and L2 ganglion, White and gray rami communicantes, Lumbar splanchnic nerves, Gray rami communicantes L5 spinal nerve, Right hypogastric nerve (cut), Right and left sacral sympathetic trunks and ganglia, Piriformis muscle, Sacral splanchnic nerves (sympathetic), Pudendal nerve, Pelvic splanchnic nerves (parasympathetic), 

Coccygeus muscle, Rectal plexus, Rectum (retracted), Uterus (retracted), Uterovaginal plexus, Vesical plexus, Urinary bladder, Symphyseal surface of pubis, Ovary, Uterine (fallopian) tube, Inferior hypogastric (pelvic) plexus, Left hypogastric nerve, Right sympathetic trunk, Uterus, Right and left hypogastric nerves, Sigmoid colon, External iliac artery and plexus, Internal iliac artery and plexus, Common iliac artery and plexus, Superior hypogastric plexus, Superior hypogastric plexus, Ureter, Sacral promontory, Ovarian artery and plexus, Intermesenteric (abdominal aortic) plexus, Ureter, Common iliac vessels and plexus, Extraperitoneal (subserous) fascia, Abdominal aorta, Inferior vena cava, Peritoneum.

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