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Sunday, November 3, 2019

Rectum and Anal Canal Anatomy

Rectum and Anal Canal Anatomy
Sigmoid colon, Peritoneal reflection, Rectosigmoid junction, Rectal fascia, Longitudinal muscle layer, Circular muscle layer, Muscularis mucosae, Levator ani muscle, Anorectal line, Anal columns (Morgagni’s), Anal sinus, Pectinate (dentate) line, Internal rectal venous plexus in submucous space, Deep part* of external sphincter muscle, 

Conjoined longitudinal muscle, Internal sphincter muscle, Anal valve, Anal crypt, Superficial part* of external sphincter muscle, Anal glands, Transverse fibrous septum, Muscularis mucosae of anal canal perianal space, Subcutaneous part* of external sphincter muscle, Corrugator cutis ani muscle, External rectal venous plexus in perianal space, Intersphincteric groove (anocutaneous line), Sweat glands and hairs in perianal skin, Anal verge, Pecten, Anoderm Anatomical anal canal, Surgical anal canal *Parts variable and often indistinct, Superior, Middle, Inferior, Transverse folds of rectum (valves of Houston).
Rectum and Anal Canal Anatomy

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